Saturday, 27 August 2011

House in Bargemon

Just finished, a painting of a pretty new house for the clients of real estate agency Maison2.
It is situated on 1000 m2 terrain, with a panoramic view. The house has a double garage, a living with fireplace, a large modern kitchen and three bedrooms.

Bargemon is a lovely village on 480 meter altitude amongst countless old olive trees. It is well-known for the pure water from the spring fountains all over the village..

photo: Andre Bouchaud

"La perle du Haut Var", as it is called, still has that peaceful medieval atmosphere, with its houses built around a very beautiful 15 century church.
Living is good in Bargemon: have a glass of wine on the square with the Beckhams, discover what the museum has in store, visit the market or have a walk in the old streets or the fort with a superb view on the green mountains...

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