Sunday, 22 November 2009

My good friends Bill and Carole Lomas, who have a real estate firm "Maison 2", sold a wonderful 3-bedroom property in Seillans, a village in the Var... With a stunning view.
They asked me to do a painting, of the house itself, so I started a 70 X 50 cm aquarelle, on my favourite mouldmade Arche "torchon" (rough grain) 300 grams watercolour paper

I always start with the parts that I like best, and often they are the windows and doors, because there's "mystery" behind them! In this case, a nice, light and happy atmosphere...

Slowly working on the rest of the house - and while I am painting, my appreciation for the house grows and grows So that, after I'm finished I so want to be and stay there... but of course I can't - the new owners of the house are the lucky guys and I am pretty sure they'll be totally happy out there!
There were two more views, related to the house that were tempting to do:

The view and the terrace...

Friday, 20 November 2009

Saint Clair

This is a view on the bay of St Clair, a village in the Var, between Rayol Canadel and Bormes-les-Mimosas. And (to give you an idea of the location if you are not too familiar with our region - the Riviera) pretty close to Saint Tropez. Anyway, I made the above aquarelle for the people who sold this house with its stunning view and a similar one for its lucky new owners. The house itself wasn't that special but imagine sitting on your balcony looking at that view....! Pure bliss... I loved creating the painting and did my best on the island (one of the Porquerolles) that you see on the horizon - as we have sailed there quite a lot and I have very fond memories of it!

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Moulin de la Brague

This is one of the first houses I ever painted, in aquarelle on handmade paper, for my husband who sells houses for a living. He gives away a painting for every house he sells and of course his clients are delighted with a present like that. Lasts longer than a bottle of champagne or flowers... I think I made it some 5 years ago and the funny thing is that the house is back on the market! Check this link for more info...So if he sells it I'll have a new go at it - and I would love to do it once more, from another angle. It is a lovely and actually very impressive house, completely surrounded by nature, yet 3 minutes walking from the old, active center of the popular South French village Valbonne...