Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Painting a house in Antibes in aquarelle watercolours

This was a truly great commission! I received it from Chris Davenport of RHF Antibes and initially I almost panicked because there wasn't a better picture available than this one:

But as Chris said that I was allowed some artistic freedom and I realized that it was a great opportunity to do something nice with the foreground - and so I added my favourite flowers...
The drawing was relatively easy - not much detail there, grass was straightforward. The shiny yellow stuff around the painting by the way is masking fluid - helps me stay within the lines...

The front of the house was pretty recognizable, and I made up some garden furniture and a palmtree
The rest of this very sunny house - and a tree

 I hope I have correctly interpreted the darker spots as doors, shutters and windows
 Almost done... a tiny bit of contrast, removing the masking fluid - and off to the client...

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